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Welcome to In Bed!

The thing about sexy toys is that they can be quite subjective. Just like sex. In Bed provides you with an assortment of reliable sex toy reviewers. It is important to read several reviews when it comes to sex toys because we all have different bodies and pleasures. 

Here you will find reviews for all kinds of sex toys from a whole variety of people who love sex toys and love to share their toy-playing knowledge with you. You can see how dynamite, or otherwise clammy, a toy is in bed. 

In Bed believes wholeheartedly that sex toys can lead you to your favorite orgasms, mend relationship ruts, take you on wild adventures and most of all, give yourself the lovin’ you deserve!

How it works:

The reviews are put in 5 categories, dynamite, hot stuff, avg, clammy, and dead fish (dynamite being the best and dead fish as the worst.)

The scores are gathered together to give you one final score out of 5 (dynamite being 5 and dead fish being 1.)


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